Friday, June 22, 2007

Fujifilm Big Job HD-3W shockproof, droppfrrof camera

Fujifilm, the big brand in the digital camera segment, have just announced the launch of their rough-tough drop-proof Big Job HD-3W camera, specially designed for the challenging environments like construction, engineering, manufacturing industries etc.

It offers a wide-angle (28-84mm equivalent) 3x zoom lens, a large, scratch resistant 3" LCD monitor, rubber grip and big buttons, which makes it ideal for heady-duty rough uses.

A similar version had been available in Japan but this will be the first time that this will be launched in UK, being launched in August.

Fujifilm says...

“Since digital cameras are electronic devices, they generally do not take kindly to knocks, damp or dust. For many years, Fujifilm Tokyo has been marketing a heavy-duty camera for the construction industry with great success, so we decided to market this latest Big Job model in the UK. It may have an unusual name, but it's perfect for heavy industrial use, where high quality, no fuss pictures are required without worrying about damage to the camera. There aren't many models out there specifically designed for this kind of use, so we expect demand to be strong.”

Cool Features:
  • Robust body with a rubber grip
  • Big, easy-to-use buttons and menu systems
  • Waterproof, dust proof and drop proof – tested to 70cm
  • Fujinon 3 x optical zoom lens (28-84mm wide angle)
  • ISO1600 light sensitivity at full resolution
  • Powerful flash, up to 10 meters
  • Detection of Manipulation mode
  • CALS mode – images taken at 1Mp for easy distribution via email
  • Shot Date function
  • Large 3in LCD screen with reinforced glass coating
  • 6Mp CCD sensor

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