Monday, July 16, 2007

JustSayHi.Com | Online Dating site

This is my first paid review post on this blog and it has been assigned through by a online dating site named as

Out of the several free dating sites which have cropped up on the Internet today, there are only a few, which are really provide a good service to their clients. It is a fact that most of them, whether paid or free, are not satifying their users to the expectations of them. And also most of these so called online dating sites require you to pay them some big bucks.

In this scenario, is like a fresh breeze of air. They claim that they will neve ask you to pay money to be with them. They provide the free dating services and for the registration with them, you are not asked to key in your credit card information. The sign up procedure is really very simple and you have just to key in a few basic information.

I am already married happily for many years otherwise I would definitely have given this site chance.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Make Skype calls with Nokia N800

If you use the Nokia N800 tablet, then now you can use it for making contacts with your near and dear ones through Internet Telephony. Nokia today released a software patch, which allows you to to add SkypeIn and SkypeOut calling, whenever you are in a Wi-fi zone.
A GSM giant supporting Internet Telephony, the convergence is finally arriving. [via]

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Samsung releases 3G enabled SGH-L760 for mobile blogging

Samsung today released its latest cellphone SGH-L760, tipped to be the phone made for mobile blogging. It allows you to post directly to your blog without ever needing your PC.
It suuports all the functionsn like RSS and is compatible with services like YouTube, UBlog and Buzznet. It supports 3G high-speed network, and comes with a 2 MP camera, Bluetooth and UMTS connectivity.

Samsung's 3g enabled cellphone SGH-L760 for mobile bloggingIt is expected that the this cellphone phone will hit Germany and Spain this month and next will be brought to the buzzing Southeast Asian market.


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Free Skypeout calls with Mobigater

Everybody knows about Skype. When you make PC to cellphone calls (SkypeOut), Skype charges you on per minute basis. If you want to avoid it, use Mobigater.
MobigaterIt connects to you PC via USB and an extra SIM has to be placed inside it to work. Whenever you receive a SkypeIn call, it calls through that SIM to your mobile and seamlessly connects both the calls. And you are through to the caller.

You can buy Mobigater through Hip-IP ( £120).

Friday, July 6, 2007

Block websites from Children with this KidSafe hardware key

Webtools had mentioned about a safe way to restrict you children from accessing content on Internet, which you don't like them to access. But today kids are much smarter, they know how to use and misuse the services and to help them there are hell lot of programs, prxies and workarounds which can bye-pass the tightest of the securities.

But if you have a hardware key installed, then the chances of them fooling around are remote.

Kidsafe is one such key. It's stronger, more reliable, and more convenient than passwords. It works trhough the USM port. Each key is unique and cannot be duplicated. When inserted, they key allows your computer to boot and access the internet. When removed, the computer is locked tight, and unusable.

You can really be assured with this key. [via]

Cool Features:

  • High security access control system
  • Low-level Windows integration
  • Stealth technologies to prevent removal
  • One-key, one computer
  • Robust fail-safe procedures
  • Safe Mode boot prevention
  • Fully configurable
  • 1024-bit RSA key signatures

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Lg cellphones to directly play and upload YouTube videos

Seems like the launch of iPhone has made a cellphone more of a multimedia device than a communication device.
Joining the race, LG has announced that they are planning to upgrade their cellphones so as to enable them to view and upload videos to YouTube.

The service will allow users to shoot video on their handsets and send it directly to the popular online video site, LG said in a statement. The first phones with the ability to do this will be available worldwide "at the end of the year."

But the deal is far from exclusive. LG also inked a similar agreement with Google rival Yahoo Inc. to put that company's services on some handsets. Specifically, LG will install Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger on some handsets. [via]

Featured below is one of the latest LG cellphone with multimedia capabilities; LG-LB1700 DMB.

latest LG cellphone with multimedia capabilities; LG-LB1700

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Gamercize | A cool tool for playing games while doing exercise

Did you know that exercise makes us healthy. ...haha

But most of us still don't do it regularly, why. Just because they find it too boring. So what's the solution. The solution is, play, while you exercise.

GamercizeThis very concept has been used to design this pretty cool tool Gamercize, which is basically a gaming console, which can be attached to a exercise equipment. This console will work only when that equipment is in use. i.e. if you are not exercising, the gaming console will not work.

Gamercize interacts with your game console’s controller stopping it working when you are not exercising and letting you play normally when you are exercising. There is a sensor on the Gamercize which detects exercise on virtually any exercise machine by way of magnets. [via]

QuickCam Pro 9000 | Latest webcam from Logitech

Logitech has just announced the release of its new series of webcam titled as QuickCam Pro 9000 and the Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks. It is slated to be available by the next month and is to cost around £70.

They are equipped with a Carl Zeiss Tessar lens and equipped with an auto-focus system that claims to retain clarity of objects as close as 10cm.

Both of them record video at up to 30 frames per second and support 720p resolutions at 960 by 720 pixels. Still photographs are taken at a resolution of 2MP. Furthermore, two softwares, RightSound and RightLight, also are given free with them filtering out the background noise and poor lighting conditions.

Cool Features
  • Carl Zeiss optics ensure the highest quality images
  • Five-element lens - containing two glass elements - provide pixel-perfect sharpness and reduced distortion
  • Premium autofocus system automatically tracks motion and refocuses images in less than three seconds without the inconvenience of manual focusing
  • True two-megapixel sensor can capture eight-megapixel photos (with software interpolation)
  • Support for 720p HD video format
  • Webcam can record to disc at resolution of 960 x 720 (4×3)
  • Record video at up to 30 frames per second
  • Logitech® RightLight 2 technology adjusts intelligently to produce the best possible image, even in difficult lighting situations such as side lighting or back lighting
  • Integrated mic with Logitech RightSound technology eliminates echo and background noise
  • Logitech Video Effects software allows personalized conversations by using 3D avatars, face accessories and fun filters that mimic actual facial expressions and motions