Saturday, June 23, 2007

Google phone search : Its finally here

With the launch of this new LG KU-580 handset, the search for Google phone is now over. Ever since I heard about Google going for mobile handsets I was wondering whether Google would really go into hardware segment where already Apple's iPhone is creating uproars, but it is here, and is here with a bang. It incorporates most of the popular Google services like Google Search, Google Mail and Google maps. From the pics released, it appears that Vodafone has partnered for its distribution.
You can already purchase it online but the retailing is scheduled to start from August 7, at a price of $149.99 (with 2-year contract) or ($249.99 for 1-year contract).

Cool features:

  • Integrated FM Radio and MP3 Player
  • Bluetooth Stereo and 3D Sound Enhancement
  • 2 Megapixel Clear Shot Camera
  • Built-in Google Services
Via: reghardware

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Zach said...

This is not "the google phone" -- See