Wednesday, June 27, 2007

NTT Docomo installs recycling bin for cellphones in Japan

Japan is the land of innovations and rightly therefore, one of the biggest users of cellphones. Almost daily a new model is announced and launched and the old ones are discarded.

Ever wondered how harmful is the discarded cellphone if not properly disposed off. Now NTT DoCoMo and am/pm Japan have started installing recycling bins at utility and convenience stores in the entire Japan, where people can dump their old used handsets. when planning to upgrade their handsets. They accept all makes and designs and are theft proof.

Besides sending a strong social message, two other benefits are accruing to the companies by this move. The sales of new handsets is increasing and recycling of the old handsets is unthought-of benefits - NTT was able to harvest more than 42 tons of copper and 320 pounds of gold from old phones alone in 2005.

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