Friday, July 6, 2007

Block websites from Children with this KidSafe hardware key

Webtools had mentioned about a safe way to restrict you children from accessing content on Internet, which you don't like them to access. But today kids are much smarter, they know how to use and misuse the services and to help them there are hell lot of programs, prxies and workarounds which can bye-pass the tightest of the securities.

But if you have a hardware key installed, then the chances of them fooling around are remote.

Kidsafe is one such key. It's stronger, more reliable, and more convenient than passwords. It works trhough the USM port. Each key is unique and cannot be duplicated. When inserted, they key allows your computer to boot and access the internet. When removed, the computer is locked tight, and unusable.

You can really be assured with this key. [via]

Cool Features:

  • High security access control system
  • Low-level Windows integration
  • Stealth technologies to prevent removal
  • One-key, one computer
  • Robust fail-safe procedures
  • Safe Mode boot prevention
  • Fully configurable
  • 1024-bit RSA key signatures

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